Low Price Rent A Car

1.Five Dirham per gate fees Salik should be paid by the renter and additional 20 Dirhams police charge and 30 Dirhams administrative charge for each traffic fine will be paid by the renter if these charges will not increase.

2.Extension of rent should be reported and if any extra deposit is required should be paid and will be liable to observe all terms until the vehicle is returned. In the event of not renewing the monthly contract any extra days should be charged by daily basis rate.

3.Maximum mileage per day is 200km.

4.In the event that renter fails to make a payment or delay, the company has the right to charge the amount/s from the renter’s credit card or bank account details provided.         

5.The renter shall pay a deposit as required and charges in advance as per the schedule unless we have a previous agreement. Security deposit shall be returned after 30 days upon returning the car. Security deposit paid through credit card shall require a 2% transaction fee and shall be deducted from the returned security deposit amount.

6.The vehicle was checked and received by renter in good condition as per chart with radiator of reservoir full and he/she undertakes to keep sufficient water and & oil in the vehicle, and all repair charges caused to the car. The renter also agrees to let the company have the vehicle for such services as are due to manufacturer’s requirement. 

7.The renter also agrees to deliver back the vehicle with full petrol or pay for the same by the end of hire.

8.The renter also agrees to reimburse the company for any loss or profit due to failure to company with his obligation. He/she must notify company should any mechanical fault or accidents occur. He/she should send the car to us for the repairs and not get the car repaired externally. He/she will be responsible for the cost if has not notified us and got written consent.

9.Should damage be caused the renter will be responsible for the amount of such damages and the time taken for the repairs. Unless this can be reclaimed by the law the renter must pay such compensation as required.

10.Insurance will not cover the interior damages of the vehicle such as seat stains, seat burns, dashboard damages,and damages on glass, tires, wheels, and all extra accessories.

11.The renter undertakes that he/she is licensed to drive and will show his/her license if ask. No one who is not licensed, will not drive the car.

12.The renter also agrees that he/she may not use the vehicle for races of competition or carry passengers as taxi’s or carry articles that will jeopardize the vehicle or towing purposes and in case he/she does so all charges will be borne by them.

13.He/she will not object and give permission to all statements made by him on the documents.  We reserve the right to cancel the agreement at our discretion. Without prejudice to our right to collect the hire charges which may be outstanding.

14.The minimum period of rent will be Three days, monthly period of rent will be thirty days (30), and will be granted maximum 2 additional hours, to return the vehicle and delay after that will be calculated as applicable charges for the following day(s). In the event of cancelling the monthly contract,the rental rate will be calculated on a daily basis. No refund will be provided when cancelling 1 to 5 days before contract expiry. Refund amount will be given in consideration, if cancelling 6 or more days before contract expiry, which will be the difference between originally paid rent and daily rental rate calculation.

15.If the renter desire to extend the lease period, he/she shall advise the company before the expiry of original date of rent and failing which the renter will be entitled to return vehicle where ever it is or else competent authorities will be reported of loss of the vehicle and a legal proceeding will take place against him/her and charged full payment of the office’s right.

16.The renter will be liable to pay the rental charge if the vehicle is damage or ceased by police, court or public prosecution in the event he/she has caused accident and or injured pursuant as per section 282-292 of civil transaction law.

17.The renter is cautioned that all expenses caused by any accident that occurs while he/she is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics, and failure to obtain police report are borne by him/her.  The renter agrees to pay the vehicle’s full value in cases of vehicle confiscation and he/she shall pay company full repair cost in case of accident if he/she is less than 25 years old.

18.Our fully-comprehensive insurance covers accident which are not the renter’s fault. However, on accidents which are his/her fault, the renter is responsible to pay applicable insurance excess fee.

19.The renter is liable to follow up with rent duration of for any legalities pertaining to the vehicle associated with the insurance company, garage or court clearance until the vehicle is returned to the company as valid for traffic and road worthy.

20.In case of any accident the renter shall not move the vehicle from the place of accident before the police procedure is completed. He /she have deliver entire documents to us failing which he will be entirely responsible for legal and commercial charges.

21.The renter agrees to pay traffic fines incurred during duration of the rental agreement and will not be deducted from the security deposit. The renter also agrees to pay all traffic fines and parking tickets during the subsequently after period and company also reserve the right within one year of such rental claim any such unpaid amounts from the renter.

22.The renter is not permitted to use vehicle outside U.A.E and the insurance policy is valid inside U.A.E only.

All notices and correspondence should be sent to P.O. Box 300701 or email to info@lowpricerentacar.com.